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About Cardus

Cardus (root: cardo) is a think tank dedicated to the renewal of North American social architecture. Drawing on more than 2000 years of Christian social thought, we work to enrich and challenge public debate through research, events, and publications, for the common good.

New York Times columnist David Brooks says it better:

We still have one party that talks the language of government and one that talks the language of the market. We have no party that is comfortable with civil society, no party that understands the ways government and the market can both crush and nurture community, no party with new ideas about how these things might blend together.

But at least the debate is started. Maybe that new wind will come.

What We Do

Cardus conducts independent and original research in four key areas of North American public life. These include:

  1. Education and Culture
  2. Health
  3. Social Cities
  4. Work and Economics
  5. Family

We publish two journals, and one podcast.

  1. Comment
  2. Convivium
  3. Cardus Audio

Our work regularly appears in national newspapers and journals.

The Name

Cardus comes from the root word cardo. The cardo was a north-south oriented street in Roman cities that was considered to be an integral element of city planning and city life (both publicly and economically).

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Learn about Cardus' roots in Cardus Audio, #18: About Cardus.