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The Greek word diakonia expresses the act of being called to serve. The Diakonia Project presents a series of eight initiatives across the country in which Canadians of faith are serving their community.

These Canadians do not undertake this work for the good of their own faith group, but for the good of all. The project highlights a core aspect of religious freedom: the freedom to live out one’s deepest held beliefs through concrete actions that serve the common good.

For each initiative, there is a case study written by Cardus, and a profile written by a member of that initiative.



A Case Study on Jewish Humanitarian Response to Poverty


Serving in the Greater Toronto Area

Union Gospel Mission

Case Studies in Faith-Based Social Service

Union Gospel Mission – Vancouver

Serving in the Greater Vancouver Area

Matthew House

Case Studies in Faith-Based Social Service

Matthew House (Ottawa)

Christian Horizons

Case Studies in Faith-Based Social Service

Christian Horizons

Serving in Ontario, Saskatchewan, and Around the World

Ismaili CIVIC

Case Studies in Faith-Based Social Service

Ismaili CIVIC

Serving Canada-wide

Latter-day Saints Relief Society and the Vanier Centre for Women

Serving in Milton, Ontario

The Welcome Home, Winnipeg

The Welcome Home

A Mission of St. Alphonsus, Inc., Serving in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Pastoral Home Care of Archdiocese of Montreal / SASMAD

Pastoral Home Care Services

Serving the Greater Montreal Area

Our Time

Project at Vanier Centre for Women