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Polling with the Angus Reid Institute

Faith Communities

Research Report

Updated March 2024

Extensive public opinion research shows that faith and religion are an integral part of Canadian society. Since 2017, Cardus and the Angus Reid Institute have cooperated to bring this research into the conversation about Canadian public life.

Is there life after death? Majority of Canadians believe they may have more than one life to live

Medical Assistance in Dying: Majority say religiously affiliated hospitals should not be forced to provide MAID

Mental Health and MAID: Canadians Concerned about Mental Health Care Access

Mental Health and MAID: Canadians Question Looming Changes to Canada’s Assisted-Death Law

The Sacred Texts: Canadian Perspectives on the Bible, Qu’ran, Torah, and Their Place in Modern Society

The Shifting Landscape of Faith in Canada

Canada Across the Religious Spectrum: A Portrait of the Nation’s Inter-faith Perspectives During Holy Week

Young Leaders in Canada: Plurality Emphasize Restructuring Society Over Improving Existing Systems

Religious Canadians Praying for Return to In-person Worship, but Won’t Forsake Online Services in Future

Child Care in Canada: Little Consensus Over Best Approach to Assist Parents of Little Children

COVID Christmas: High Anxiety Around Surging Infections, but Many Won’t Commit to Staying Home for the Holidays

Broad Support for MAiD in Canada Has Caveats and Concerns

Philanthropy, Pandemic & Political Scandal: COVID-19 Curtails Donor Giving; WE Affair Weakens Trust in Charities

Holy Week at Home: Canadians of Faith Turn to Prayer & Tech as COVID-19 Disrupts Easter and Other Celebrations

Freedom of Religion Widely Valued in Canada, but the Role of Faith in Modern Society Still a Source of Debate

The Politics of Faith: Does a Leader’s Personal Religious Practice Hurt or Help with Voters? It Depends

The Politics of Faith: Does a Leader’s Personal Religious Practice Hurt or Help with Voters? It Depends

How Comfortable Are Canadians Talking About Religion?

Faith in the Public Square? A Comprehensive Study of the Segments of Canadian Society

Religious Freedom in Canada: Perspectives from First and Second-Generation Canadians

Faith and Immigration: New Canadians rely on religious communities for material, spiritual support

Funding Religious Schools: The Majority of Canadians Say at Least Some Public Dollars Should Be Provided

Faith and Religions in Public Life: Canadians Deeply Divided Over the Role of Faith in the Public Square

Canada at 150: Religion Seen to Have Played a Positive Role in Local Communities, Less So on the National Stage

Spirituality in a Changing World: Half Say Faith Is “Important” to How They Consider Society’s Problems

A Spectrum of Spirituality: Canadians Keep the Faith to Varying Degrees, But Few Reject It Entirely