"Cardus Family is a unique and important voice in Canada, highlighting important data and research to strengthen the family as an institution, and thereby the society at large." Brad Wilcox, Professor of Sociology and Director of the National Marriage Project at the University of Virginia

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Peter Jon Mitchell

Program Director, Family (Acting)

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Incurred benefits of married people
REPORT July 15th

Few of us would claim marriage is unimportant, regardless of whether we like or dislike the institution. So why did Statistics Canada stop collecting data on marriage?

Bringing Cardus research into the conversation, Peter Shawn Taylor, Senior Features Editor for C2C Journal, joins the Danielle Smith Show to discuss.

Love in the time of COVID
REPORT July 13th

A Maclean's editorial unpacks how most people thought that there would be a baby boom as well as a spike in divorces after the Great Lockdown of 2020. Neither of those predictions seem to be coming true. 

“Historical evidence suggests we won’t see a spike in divorces,” notes Peter Jon Mitchell, acting program director of Cardus Family. “After the 2008 recession, for example, the divorce rate in Canada appeared to stay even, or may even have declined.”

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