Spirited Citizenship is conducting extensive public opinion research into faith and the faithful in Canadian public life. Cardus and the Angus Reid Institute have been releasing findings throughout 2017 with a view to stimulating public conversation.

Extensive public opinion research shows that faith and religion are an integral part of Canadian society. Cardus and the Angus Reid Institute are cooperating to bring this research into the conversation about Canadian public life.

Religious Freedom in Canada: Perspectives from First and Second-Generation Canadians (September 13, 2018)


Faith and Religion in Public Life: Canadians deeply divided over the role of faith in the public square (November 16, 2017)



Canada at 150: Religion seen to have played a positive role in local communities, less so on the national stage (June 29, 2017)



Spirituality in a changing world: Half say faith is ‘important’ to how they consider society’s problems (May 17, 2017)



A spectrum of spirituality: Canadians keep the faith to varying degrees, but few reject it entirely (April 13, 2017)