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Brian Dijkema

Program Director, Work & Economics

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The Impact of COVID-19 on the Federal Tax Credit for Charitable Donations
REPORT July 7th

Canada’s charitable sector will prove essential in helping those in need through the economic, social, and emotional hardships of the pandemic. But the sector is reeling from the effects of COVID-19 on its revenues, and this is why government partnership is needed. Cardus has proposed an innovative matching-funds initiative to help sustain charities through these times. Such a program need not be viewed as entirely new spending by the federal government.

Government should use matching donor program to help charities
REPORT July 7th

Many charities won’t be able to keep their doors open through COVID-19, and a new matching donor program could be the lifeline they need, reports the National Post. 

Cardus' report found that donations to charities are dropping by around 30 per cent. Without the government’s intervention, "many charities — everything from animal shelters, cancer research groups and refugee resettlement charities — are facing dire prospects."

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