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Brian Dijkema

Program Director, Work & Economics

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How Ontario can change its gambling policies to help, not hurt, low-income families
REPORT June 17th

Ontario’s gambling scheme is one thing that shouldn’t get back to normal as the province reopens,” write Johanna Lewis and Brian Dijkema from Cardus in Ryerson University’s First Policy Response journal. “Far from helping the province get back on its feet, the return of gambling money to public coffers would be a burden shouldered by the Ontarians who are least able to bear it.” Read on to learn see how gambling could be reformed for the common good.

COVID vaccine incentives
REPORT June 11th

Manitoba has adopted a COVID vaccination incentive lottery and Alberta may be toying with the same idea. But as Cardus Vice President of External Relations Brian Dijkema tells CKNW Radio, there are better ways to incentivize Canadians to get vaccinated.

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