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What would it look like to see our economic architecture renewed? What would it look like to see North American life enabled by a robust, thriving, free economy, that served the wide array of individuals and communities that make up our public? What would it look like to see our economy made more vital by stable families, good schools, sound laws, and thriving cities?

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Driven by desire and made possible by trust . . . It takes faith to run an economy.


We all work. But why? How?


Measuring the health of our communities of exchange and production.


Cities crack down on payday lenders

Brian Dijkema, Director of Cardus Work & Economics, is quoted in TVO defending why banning payday...

Dijkema: Banning payday loan shops isn't the solution

Brian Dijkema, Director of Cardus' Work and Economics program, explains in the Ottawa Citizen the...

Springing the Debt Trap

This week, Cardus Work and Economics gave municipalities in Ontario data-driven advice about hand...

Cities Have Better Options for Dealing with Payday Loan Shops

Brian Dijkema explains to CBC Radio’s All in a Day that cities have better options at their...

Toronto Considers Licensing City's Payday Loan Outlets, Capping Number Allowe...

As Brian Dijkema explains via the CBC, capping the number of payday loan outlets allowed to opera...