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What would it look like to see our economic architecture renewed? What would it look like to see North American life enabled by a robust, thriving, free economy, that served the wide array of individuals and communities that make up our public? What would it look like to see our economy made more vital by stable families, good schools, sound laws, and thriving cities?

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Driven by desire and made possible by trust . . . It takes faith to run an economy.


We all work. But why? How?


Measuring the health of our communities of exchange and production.


Ontario has a great idea to help people trapped by expensive payday loans

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Yes, Economics is Religious. This is Not a Bad Thing.

The Guardian recently published an article by John Rapley asserting that economics has become the...

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Brian Dijkema reviews Jeremy Kidwell's book, The Theology of Craft and the Craft of Work.

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Cardus was asked by Ontario's Ministry of Government and Consumer Services to offer feedback on p...

How Ontario's labour law changes will affect unions

As originally posted at Policy Options. Ontario’s late-May labour law announcements, whic...