We've Been Here Since 1974

Cardus exists as an independent think tank located in the heart of Canada. Initially founded in 1974 as the “Work Research Foundation,” Cardus emerged from a desire to translate the richness of the Christian faith tradition into the public square for the common good.

Studying Social Architecture

Reimagined in 2000 as “Cardus,” our team—Michael Van Pelt, Ray Pennings, and a dynamic group of experts—has spent over twenty years studying the institutions, communities, beliefs, leaders, and intricacies of civil society that collectively compose the social architecture of our common life.

Living Together In Difference

Determined to live together well in difference and enlarge public conversation on key policy issues, our team works to produce independent research, contribute measured public commentary, and convene projects and initiatives across North America.

Enabling Human Flourishing

With main offices located in Hamilton (Ontario) and Ottawa, and intellectual hubs located across the continent, Cardus retains a commitment to producing scholarship, dialogue, and partnership that enables and enlarges human flourishing, together.

Our Work