Andrea Mrozek

Senior Fellow, Cardus Family


Andrea Mrozek is a Senior Fellow with Cardus Family.

Andrea’s career has spanned journalism and think tanks in Europe and Canada. Immediately prior to joining Cardus, she was Executive Director of the Institute of Marriage and Family Canada where she wrote and spoke about marriage, child care and women's issues. She is the author of a number of influential pieces including Private Choices, Public Costs: How Failing Families Cost Us All about the national public costs of family breakdown, The Cost of a Free Lunch: The Real Costs of the Pascal Early Learning Plan for Ontario and Look Before you Leap: The Real Costs and Complexities of National Daycare. While she has costed out aspects of family life, her driving interest is not about money, but rather in ensuring parents realize their full potential as the true experts in the art and vocation of stewarding their own family life.

Her opinion pieces have appeared in newspapers across Canada, and she's a frequent guest on TV and radio shows.

Born in Toronto, Andrea has a Master of Arts in History from the University of Toronto. She lives in Ottawa with her husband and daughter, whose entry on the scene late in her life has taught her immeasurably more about family and work than anything prior.

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