Brian Dijkema

Vice President, External Affairs


Brian Dijkema is the Vice President of External Affairs with Cardus, and an editor of Comment. Prior to joining Cardus, Brian worked for almost a decade in labour relations in Canada after completing his master's degree with Cardus Senior Fellow, Jonathan Chaplin. He has also done work on international human rights, with a focus on labour, economic, and social rights in Latin America and China.

Brian can often be found making presentations on Parliament Hill, contributing to newspapers and periodicals across Canada and regularly speaks to industry and professional associations on labour, competitiveness and economic trends.

His primary research interest at Cardus are the institutional and policy relationships between government, civil society and the markets; with a particular view to exploring how a diverse civil society contributes to a vital and thriving market economy and stable government.

All of this, however, is chaff compared to the greatest accomplishment of his life: marrying his wife Nicole and being a father to their four children—an accomplishment memorialized recently by Gary Clement in the National Post. Brian and Nicole live with their children in a small villa on Hamilton's mountain brow.

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