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Cardus exists to promote a flourishing society.

We seek to promote that flourishing by strengthening our common understanding of how we work justly, how we live peaceably in our communities, how we learn well in our schools, how our families thrive, and how our laws support foundational freedoms.

Cardus publishes rigorous, independent, non-partisan research for the purpose we all share—a just and good society.


So, What’s it Like to Work at Cardus?

Let’s get one thing clear: We take our work seriously. We do not take ourselves too seriously.

  • How many puns do you think you can handle? You will be subjected to 10x that
  • We often get staff from both offices together for boat trips, board game nights, and socials
  • If you drink tea, you may get made fun of. If you do not drink tea, you may get made fun of


We work from beautiful, heritage offices.



  • In 2009, we purchased and renovated 135-year-old stone building on Young Street in Hamilton’s Corktown neighbourhood
  • In 2015, we leased and renovated the 7th floor of a 105-year-old historic building at the corner of Rideau Street and Sussex Drive in Ottawa, three doors down from Parliament’s Centre Block

A little snapshot of us:

  • Incorporated in 1974
  • Headquartered in Hamilton since 2005
  • $4.7M budget (2018)
  • 8 pots of coffee consumed each day across both offices*
  • 1 stash of cat collectibles hidden in one of the offices
  • 0 in-office squash courts or pools, but we can dream
  • 2,826 attendees of Cardus events (2019)


*this is a bare minimum estimate