Celebrating excellence in education for the common good

Most teachers want their students to be excellent. But what does that mean? Unfortunately, many teachers and schools today have a limited understanding of “excellence” as academic performance. At Cardus, we are committed to teachers who have a more robust sense of excellence that includes but also goes beyond performance and towards nurturing student character, engaging the local community, and improving school culture.

Announcing the 2018 Shortlist
April 19, 2018

Group Excellence Award
Hamilton District Christian High School—Richard Van Egmond, Jared Patus

Excellence in Elementary Teaching Award
Trinity Christian School, Burlington—Audrey McGregor
Timothy Christian School, Owen Sound—Cara Barwell

Excellence in Secondary Teaching Award
Hamilton District Christian High School—Leon Hordyk
London District Christian High School—Corrina Cameron
London District Christian High School—Matt Rock

Excellence in the Teaching of Creative and Performing Arts
Hamilton District Christian High School—Jonathan DeVries
Timothy Christian School, Barrie—Nicole Strikwerda
Northumberland Christian School—Alison Young

Excellence in Global Perspective Teaching Award
Guido de Bres Christian High School, Hamilton—Laurie Koning
Timothy Christian School, Barrie—Andrew Wilcox, Nicole Strikwerda
Toronto District Christian High School—Rachael Weening

Awards Gala:

The award winners will be announced at a reception June 13, 2018 at the new ROCK GARDENS of Royal Botanical Gardens, Burlington, Ontario.

The gala is by invitation only. To inquire, please email excellenceaward@cardus.ca.

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The John Rozema Teaching Excellence Award recognises excellence as an ongoing investment into the life of a Christian school community and a positive public contribution to the common good. Being shortlisted for the John Rozema Teaching Excellence Award is an indication of a particular educator or school community’s reputation for giftedness and excellent practice.

The award panel will look for evidence that a teacher demonstrates excellence in all of the following categories:

  1. Purpose in teaching and learning
  2. Rigour in teaching and learning
  3. Service in teaching and learning



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