"The Cardus Education Program addresses the benefits and value of diverse learning systems so that parents can make informed choices on the education that is best suited for their children. This is a great resource for the media, educators, parents and graduates." - Dr. Peter Froese, former Executive Director, FISA BC

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Do Christian Schools Contribute to Political Polarization?
REPORT February 23rd

Given recent narratives around the “evangelical” political movement in the USA, a question arises: Do America’s Christian independent schools contribute to political polarization? 

David Hunt, Cardus' Education and B.C. Director sheds light on this topic. He mentions that a bottom line derived from a recent Cardus Education Study shows that Churches and religious charities overcontribute to the common good, as do Christian schools and their graduates. Read more:

Unlocking the education state’s iron cage
REPORT February 12th

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought to light an important civil society institution of our country which needs re-examining: Our school system. David Hunt, Cardus’ Education and B.C. Director asks some important questions. What state is the school system in, and how, as Christians, are we to respond where it falls short?

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