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Cardus Education

New program director for Education

Cardus is delighted to announce the appointment of Beth Green as its new program director for education. Dr. Green is a prize-winning scholar with an international reputation for research in Christian education. She has relocated from the northwest of England, where she directed a Christian education research centre.

"Having a scholar of Dr. Green's international calibre join the Cardus team is a moment of immense pride for us an organization," executive-vice president Ray Pennings said in announcing the appointment.

"It demonstrates an evolution in the reach of our educational research, and our commitment to ground-breaking study of Christian schooling. It means, too, that Cardus is welcoming someone so committed to research in the Christian education field that she's willing to cross an ocean to contribute her gifts to our mission. Beth has already spent time with the team, and we could not be more delighted to have her join us," Pennings said.

About Cardus Education

Cardus Education exists to provide reliable, credible data for non-government types of education.

Why? Because the opportunity for non-government schools to operate freely is not something that we can take for granted. And because, for those supporting non-government education and wanting to measure it, gut instinct is no longer good enough.

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