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Making the Public-Good Case for Private Schools

In a panel discussion in Washington, D.C. in 2019, Ashley Berner, Derrell Bradford, and Ray Pennings proposed ideas and innovations to redefine public education. Their conversation explores the findings of nearly ten years of research into education outcomes through the Cardus Education Survey.

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A Note on the Survey

The Cardus Education Survey studies the sector effect on student outcomes. The sectors studied are independent religious schools, independent nonreligious schools, and public/government schools.

Cardus makes CES data publicly available for individuals and groups to use. The data remain the property of Cardus, and external users must acknowledge Cardus as the source. No external use may state or imply Cardus endorsement unless such endorsement is first obtained from Cardus in writing.

The CES does not study effects specific to particular groups or associations of schools. Cardus is committed to not engaging in research that would position one group of schools in relation to or against another. Individuals or groups who use CES data for this purpose are acting contrary to the spirit in which this data is being made available.

Users who wish to conduct their own studies and compare their outcomes with those of the CES should bear in mind that comparison will be affected by the different protocols used, such as the sampling process. Direct comparison with CES data may therefore be difficult or impossible to make.