The Team

Michael Van Pelt President
Ray Pennings Executive Vice President
Brian Harskamp Senior Director, Philanthropy and Finance
Peter Stockland Senior Director, Publications and Media
Brian Dijkema Program Director, Work and Economics
Milton Friesen Program Director, Social Cities
Beth Green Program Director, Education
Raymond J. de Souza Editor-in-Chief, Convivium
James K.A. Smith Editor-in-Chief, Comment
Dan Postma Operations Manager
Ray Sawatsky Director of Stakeholder Relations
Almut Sweet Controller
Mark DeVos Project Coordinator, Cardus U
Mary-Anne Van Slingerland Events Coordinator
Naomi Biesheuvel Communications Coordinator
Doug Sikkema Editorial Assistant
Kathryn de Ruijter Graphic Designer
Julia Nethersole Development Coordinator
Rej Aydalla Web Developer/Technical Coordinator
Hayley Lockrem Administrative Assistant
Kira Lodder Graphic Designer

Cardus*U Participants

Caleb Heerema 2014-15 Cohort
Rhys McKendry 2014-15 Cohort
Janice Tolkamp 2014-15 Cohort
Brad Vanden Boogaard 2014-15 Cohort

Our Mission

Cardus (root: cardo) is a think tank dedicated to the renewal of North American social architecture. Drawing on a long tradition of Christian social thought, we work to enrich and challenge public debate through research, events and publications, for the common good.